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Thankful Thursdays #43

God’s Goodness…

It seems as if my life at home has been heading down the road full speed ahead lately.

I essentially have 3 toddler/preschoolers running through my home at all hours of the day producing squeals of laughter as they destruct and destroy.

Up until the past few months, my littlest one didn’t quite participate as much.

But based on the looks and the laughs I get from other moms that don’t know me…

I have become THAT mom who has THOSE kids.

Ahhh, man…never thought that would happen.

However, in my attempts to keep searching for something to anchor my sanity, I have to be forever thankful for the goodness God has shown to my family.

He continually shows me, through the daily struggles and laughter my kids bring me, that He has blessed my life with more than I ever imagined.

No…I don’t own a home, I don’t have a beautiful new car, and I surely don’t accessorize myself with all of the latest fashions…

But I will proudly admit that looking over my life these past 27 years, I have been blessed in some pretty amazing ways.

God has always provided me with shelter…from double wide trailers to the in-law’s house, I was never without a warm place to snuggle.

I have never been without a meal for dinner.

There were times when Caleb and I lived on $50/week to feed a family of 5, but we still ate.

God still provided in the times when we had nothing at all.

Through these times, what He provided us with the most was an opportunity to be thankful for His absolute goodness.

I am now completely confident in the fact that God will NEVER give us more than we can handle.

We have all heard that, but have you ever really believed it?

I didn’t, until now.

Last year, I attended a Bible study that changed my way of thinking and opened my heart to the goodness of our Lord.

This particular verse, Ephesians 3:20, was repeated week after week and I will never forget what it says or what it means for my life today.

“Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

Death Valley, California


He works in ways that “exceed abundantly”…meaning whatever we ask of Him will be surpassed by something far greater and far better than we could ever imagine!

I love that, it gives me peace as I pray, knowing that my problems WILL be solved…in a perfect way that I can not fathom.

My life is proof of this…I never imagined I’d live in Las Vegas…but I never imagined that I would one day discover that my life is full of amazing blessings either!

And I’m afraid it would have taken me much longer to learn this had I not gone through the darkness.

Thank you Lord for your goodness, thank you for finally allowing me to see the amazing result of a continuous personal struggle.

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Thankful Thursdays #42


It’s the end of the road…the last Thursday of the year and I only made it to week #42.

Of course I should have had 52 Thankful Thursdays, and I’m a bit bummed I didn’t make it all the way.

But, life happens, right?

I’ll catch up.

And soon, hopefully!


The one thing in life that is appropriate to express thanks for over and over again.

We spent the holiday without our extended families this year.

Although it was nice to not run to multiple houses and eat multiple dinners, there was still a huge hole in our celebration this year.

The place where Grandma & Grandpa sat and juggled kids on their knees.

The place where all the cousins played too hard with each other and made their parents crazy.

And the place where all the adults chatted endlessly about their lives as parents.

I missed all of that this year, and honestly I’m not sure I want to do it again.

The 3 photos below are my family, I’m blessed with 3 of them!

These were last year’s photos, I wish I had new ones!

Today, above all else, I am thankful for the families God has placed in my life.

All together, they are the source of my strength, love, and hope in the future!

The Braem Family

The Johnson Family

The Crow Family

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Thankful Thursdays #40

Obviously, I have given up on posting a “Thankful Thursdays” post every week of the year.

Only a few more weeks of the year and I am behind by about 12 weeks!

Too much catching up for me, life invaded my blogging for a bit these past few months, nevertheless, I am still incredibly thankful for the many things I have in my life!

I received a phone call from my sister-in-law, Carolyn,  yesterday.

I enjoy these calls so much, we rarely talk on the phone and she always makes me laugh.

She called to read me something that her 7 year old daughter Grace wrote in school recently.

Do you remember this?

My baby in the hospital with 26 cents lodged in his throat?

This happened about one month ago, and Gracie still had it on her mind.

So much that she wrote this letter to Santa Claus.

Incredibly sweet.

I’m printing this and putting it in Miller’s baby book.

Gracie is such a sweetheart and it’s so hard that she lives at the top of Washington state!

When I asked Carolyn to send me the picture, she also sent me this other letter Grace wrote.

Yay! She loves me too!

And apparently Miley Cyrus!

This week I am thankful for the love of children.

They are simply God’s way of reminding us what is important in this life.

There are so many children just like Gracie who are thoughtful, kind and loving to ALL, a perfect example for us adults!

Gracie & Miller this summer at Grandma’s house

I love you Gracie and I hope you have a very merry Christmas this year!

Love, Auntie Stacey

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Thankful Thursdays #39


We are well into November and we all have a lot to be thankful for!

Since January 2011, I have been posting every Thursday (almost every week:) about what I have been thankful for.

My posts have ranged from the funny things in life to the serious matters of the heart.

Keeping a record of a grateful attitude has leveled my emotions and has kept my heart grounded in a shaky world.

Cheers to being thankful as we go into this year’s holiday season!

I love hearing what everyone has to be thankful for…we are so blessed!

This week, it’s holiday sprinkles.

Some mornings, I can’t get my children to eat anything.

So a few months ago, I sprinkled some hot pink sprinkles on the cream cheese of my daughter’s bagel.

Since then, if we have sprinkles, we have full tummies!

We sprinkle on pretty much everything; pancakes, bagels, toast, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, etc.

It’s fun, try it!

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Thankful Thursdays #38

Today, I am thankful for the chubby little buns that my children have.

Yes, I know…this borders the line of inappropriate.

But think about it, everyone loves to squish the cheeks of a fat little baby.

If you know anything about my children, it’s that they are chubby (or were when they were babies).

I’m notorious for producing chunks, chubs, and rolly polly qualities in children.

It’s a gift I am now proud to have:)

So, a big thank you to Mackenzy, Camden, and Miller for being chunky enough to let me squish your cheeks and rub your bellies.

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